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Weekly Space Hangout

Nov 7, 2021

Be prepared to be AMAZED as we welcome Dr. Adam Dipert to the WSH. In addition to being a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Physics at North Carolina State University, Adam has wowed audiences as a professional circus performer and juggler for nearly twenty years as his alter-ego, The Space Juggler!

Space Juggling is a technique for juggling in weightlessness, discovered through a deep and lifelong embodiment practice, and informed by scientific and mathematical investigations. This is the first fully developed circus art form designed for weightlessness — a glimpse of the future of kinesthetic arts, about much more than the movement of juggling balls. This practice opens new opportunities to explore movement liberated from the vertical axis of Earth’s gravity well, as well as new angles on perception, cognition, and object manipulation. The rotating reference frame reveals an expanded logic of motion, helping viewers to experience a non-gravitational world with the juggler. Viewing the recordings from these early experiments opens empathetic pathways, making visible the aesthetic and physical insights disclosed through what is, for now, an extraordinary perspective.

During his presentations, Adam shares aspects of, and stories about, the process, philosophy, mathematics, and technique of Space Juggling — as well as some of the first Space Juggling videos ever made. He also invites the audience to dream with him into a new dimension of artistic and scientific possibilities.

Adam initially studied human movement in weightlessness in preparation for his first parabolic flight in 2016. Since then, he has logged countless hours exploring the frontiers of microgravity flow in pools, aerial harnesses, floatation tanks, wind tunnels, and airplanes. In addition to developing a new suite of dance moves for outer space, he has exercised remarkable restraint not asking NASA for permission to spin fire on the ISS.

You can learn more about Adam by visiting his Website Be sure to follow him on Facebook (, Instagram and Twitter (@theSpaceJugglerYouTube), and on YouTube (

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