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Weekly Space Hangout

Feb 12, 2022

This week we are airing Fraser's prerecorded interview with Michael Foley, co-author of a recently published paper that talks about how the local bubble around the Sun drives nearby star formation. You can watch Carolyn Collins Petersen talk about this research during the January 19, 2022, WSH News Roundup ( Michael Foley is a fourth-year NSF Graduate Research Fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics where he works with magnetohydrodynamics simulations of stellar feedback and turbulence. Mike earned his undergraduate degree in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame where he conducted research on supernovae, exoplanets, and primordial nucleosynthesis. In addition to his research, Mike is very passionate about science education and equity/inclusion initiatives. In his free time, enjoys enjoy literature, soccer, volleyball, chess, and traveling. Be sure to visit Mike's Harvard webpage ( and you can read the research paper about the Local Bubble on arXiv here: **************************************** The Weekly Space Hangout is a production of CosmoQuest. Want to support CosmoQuest? Here are some specific ways you can help: ► Subscribe FREE to our YouTube channel at ► Subscribe to our podcasts Astronomy Cast and Daily Space where ever you get your podcasts! ► Watch our streams over on Twitch at – follow and subscribe! ► Become a Patreon of CosmoQuest ► Become a Patreon of Astronomy Cast ► Buy stuff from our Redbubble ► Join our Discord server for CosmoQuest - ► Join the Weekly Space Hangout Crew! - Don't forget to like and subscribe! Plus we love being shared out to new people, so tweet, comment, review us... all the free things you can do to help bring science into people's lives.