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Weekly Space Hangout

Apr 7, 2022

This week we welcome Dr. Justin Walsh to the show to tell us about the archaeology of space.

Wait… WHAT????

You read that correctly… the archaeology of space. Justin is a PI of the International Space Station Archaeological Project (ISSAP) [], the first large-scale space archaeology project. Initiated in 2015, the archaeological study of a space habitat — specifically the ISS — is aimed at understanding the "evolving cultural, social, and material structures in the ISS’s unique context."

Justin is an archaeologist who researches and teaches Mediterranean art and archaeology at Chapman University in Irvine, CA. He is listed in the Register of Professional Archaeologists and has worked on excavations around the world. His other areas of interest include studying problems related to cultural heritage management, especially including the emerging field of space archaeology which led him, together with his co-PI Dr. Alice Gorman from Flinders University, to develop the first large-scale archaeological investigation of a human habitation site in space.

To learn more about ISSAP visit the project's website:

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