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Weekly Space Hangout

Apr 21, 2022

Let's face it - there isn't a single one of us who hasn't gazed at myriad stunning astronomy images that are readily available on the web. Whether it's Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Saturn's gorgeous rings, desolate Martian landscapes, or a spectacular deep sky object, the "raw material" behind each of these beauties is often publicly available data collected by survey missions. But how exactly does a long string of seemingly random "ones and zeros" get tranformed into such amazing visual imagery? Tonight, Kevin Gill, the image processing "magician", is with us to give us an introduction into how to access the public archives as well as how to process their data.

Kevin Gill is a software and spaceflight engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Los Angeles, California. He enjoys astrophotography and processing images collected by numerous missions include Cassini, Voyager, Galileo, Curiosity Rover, Perseverance Rover, HiRISE, Juno, Akatsuki, Hubble, and more.

To learn more about Kevin's image processing and his open source custom image processing software, be sure to visit his website. While you are there, be sure to have a look at his amazing portfolio.

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